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i count my way to you

in showers,

in bites, 

in polished teeth…

remind myself i have more fingers

than days between us;

less years yet lived than left

to be with you.


will we fall open
to each other again
like well-worn books,
crack our spines and cough
our dust
until we are clear and endless
shared and cherished?


and though it seems like 

you’re hardly there, i know you are


not knowing where, or why

i hide

not knowing why i can’t rise up

while i stay buried not knowing

why you don’t

pry up floorboards

to pull me out.


some hearts wrinkle up,

fold into themselves as age

is soaked up through skin.


tucked snug beneath

the rug and pressed flat below

the floorboard are

all those moments

i waited, and couldn’t bear seeing 

my reflection

in the silvering hours.


i write about your pictures more
and more than i write about
you, because i have come
to know them better, because
i have come to live in the bent line
connecting the dip of your armpit
to the ridge of your hip, because
i have come to know missing you better
than loving you.



i smoked your brand
beneath a blanket of sweat
and thunder storms;

it was staler than the memory
of your lips around my ear

and lonelier than the night
pressed against your back.


that bruise behind my knee lied

to you, but you had kissed away

blood from that cut around

the bend before the blueblack

secret pooled under your retinas,

so you had the essence of me

buried beneath your fingerprints

all along.


who are you now?

can you be satisfied
sucking fashion spreads off screens,
licking the bones of meatless models
like they will fill that pit beneath your ribs

you empty

once you’ve savored taste
and imagined
the fleeting feeling of a full
mouth will ease the pain
of a sunken stomach?


i knew
i breathed
the air you exhaled
i combed
your hair with my fingers
i blessed
your forehead with kisses…

but we breathe
fire now.
you cropped
your mane, my nails
grew jagged
our lips have been
around the world

and get restless
when we meet.

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